Repair Services


MRP offers repair services ranging from printer repair down to the component level, as well as phone, tablet, and PDA repair.

  • How it Works

    Send us your nonfunctional parts, handheld devices, or circuit boards and we will audit the equipment to provide a quote for repair. MRP's technicians have experience repairing many brands of printers, PDAs, phones, and mobile data terminals. There is often a flat fee for board level repairs, and with a 3-5 business day turnaround for many repairs. There is no diagnostic fee for items you have repaired.

    If you have any questions regarding our Repair Services or our Managed Inventory offerings, please feel free to call 1-708-597-4222 or fill out our contact form. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Depot Repair

  • We offer depot repair services for your printer repair needs. Whether your printer is thermal, serial matrix, line matrix, laser, or inkjet, we can make it like new again. When you send your printer, we’ll evaluate any problems it may have. We’ll identify the problem you sent it in for, as well as checking for wear items that may cause problems in the future. Upon evaluation, your Sales Rep will contact you with a quote that is inclusive of parts and labor for your approval.
  • Our depot repair process includes replacing parts, re-calibration of all sensors, and cleaning inside and out. Upon request, we also have the ability to repaint the printer in our fully equipped paint bay. Ensuring it arrives undamaged, your printer will be returned to you using foam-in-place double wall packaging.

Board Level Repair

  • Our engineers have 30 years of experience in component level board repair and sub-assemblies. Board level repair is billed at a flat rate which your Sales Rep can provide to you. When we receive your circuit boards, they will be evaluated and repaired. We will upgrade your board to the latest level of software during the repair process. Repaired boards are tested for 24 hours to ensure the quality of the repair. We return all board repairs in anti-static packaging.

Onsite Service

  • Onsite service can be performed as time and materials or through a service contract. We have nationwide coverage for onsite repair of printers and systems. Our network of field service engineers will diagnose your printer or system to provide you with the best service and upgrades in the most efficient way possible.

Technical Support

  • We have a robust technical library going back 25 years that includes manuals for virtually every device we’ve ever worked on. We can provide technical support pre-sales to assist with diagnosing the problem, so you can be confidant you are ordering the correct part. We also provide post-sale technical support to assist with installation and calibration of your device.

Manufacturers Supported

  • Manufacturers supported by MRP include: Printronix, IBM, Dell, HP, Printek, Tally, Genicom, Sato, Zebra, Lexmark, Pidion/Bluebird and others. We have been the largest Printronix Authorized Spares Reseller in the world since 1997. Our factory trained engineers support all products that we sell.