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MRP Recycles Old and Surplus Inventory. To receive a quote, contact us.

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Remove / Recycle / Buy

  • Proper removal and disposal of electronic equipment is a major issue facing IT departments today. MRP removes, recycles, and/or buys your excess IT infrastructure hardware. MRP will purchase or find a buyer for your excess computer hardware.
  • We are looking for printers, networking equipment, scanners, and terminals. Give us the model, quantity, and equipment condition (working/complete), and we will go to market for you. We also provide recycling services with a complete audit trail including a “destruction” guarantee.

Recondition / Reuse

MRP will recondition and reuse many of the parts in your old equipment instead of just scrapping the product. Additionally, we remove qualified equipment at NO CHARGE and in most cases, WE PAY YOU to recycle.

What we don't do...

MRP does not buy inkjet printers or office furniture. Sorry for any inconvenience.